Switch Bill Procedures in Hong Kong

Customer Service Guide – Switch Bill Procedures in Hong Kong

(For Bills of Lading Surrendered from 1st June 2014 onwards)

1.     To protect the cargo interests, please note that we will only process Switch Bill Request initiated by:-

a)     The named party of the original BL, holding full set of the BL with proper endorsement, or

b)     The endorsee on the original BL, holding full set of the BL with proper endorsement.


2.     The following will not be accepted:-

a)     Switching waybill.

b)     Splitting or combining multiple BLs.

c)     Cargoes to/ from the USA.


3.     The switching party is required to provide the following documents by email for initial verification.

a)     Letter of Guarantee (FORM NO.HK-2014-10) by switching party’s company letterhead with company chop and signature.

b)     A clear and readable scanned image of the front and the back of the Original BL.

      4. We shall make initial verification of the request, and reply by email.

5.     Upon confirmation of the switch bill arrangement and the additional charges (refer to point 7 as below), switching party must submit the following documents to our service counter.  (The new set B/L will not be released on the same day the 1st set original BL is submitted)

a)     Original full set BL MUST BE SURRENDED with proper endorsement.

b)     Original Letter of Guarantee (FORM NO.HK-2014-10).


We will amend the B/L as per the request and please note that the amendment will take at least 24 hours or more, subject to the confirmation from loading port and/ or destination.


6.     Once BL draft is confirmed via email, please bring along the followings to our service counter to collect the new set original BL:-

a)   A copy of the amended BL

b) Payment in HK dollars, in cash or in cheque payable to MOL (HK) Agency Ltd.

a)   Switching party Company chop


7.     Please note the following fees/ charges will be invoiced for switch bill of lading:


Switch Bill Fee


HKD650 per BL, covering change of shipping parties and BL re-issuance.

Amendment Fee

If changes in BL contents other than the shipping parties are requested, an amendment fee of HKD450 per BL per time of request will be applied.

For cargoes destined to countries where Advance Manifest Submission is required, an additional manifest re-submission fee of USD40 per BL per time of request will be applied on top of the amendment fee mentioned above.


Please note that your requested changes are subject to confirmation as per standard BL Handling Rule of MOL.

Other Charges

Customs penalty and additional operation charges might occur in some destination countries when complying with switch of bill request; it is subject to rules and regulations of each country.


When such situation arises, we will provide quotation to switching party for confirmation before further processing the switch bill request.

8.     For submission of request and further enquiry, please contact:


 Email: lily.wong@mol-liner.com & diane.orh@mol-liner.com

 Tel:       (852) 2823 6801